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Meet The Team


Rosie & Peter



Chris & Gem


Olivia and Ian.png

Olivia & Ian


Shepherds Keep Australia is a team of volunteers together with the founder Chris Guyler who felt called to a mission of helping to raise funds for the orphanage in Durban, South Africa known as Shepherd's Keep Home for abandoned babies.


Our committee of volunteers consists of like-minded people who have a passion to help in raising funds for such an admirable and worthwhile cause of saving the lives of abandoned babies and placing them with loving families around the world for adoption.


There are six Board Members in our team, three married couples. Apart from Chris and Gem Guyler, founder and co-founder, we have Peter Condon our Treasurer responsible for monitoring the finances and donations to our website, and Rosie Condon our Company Secretary; and Ian and Olivia Cerff, themselves originally from South Africa, who are responsible for monitoring the publicity and promotion of our website to spread our cause across Australia and worldwide.

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